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 Institute for Jiangxi Economic Development Research , founded in June 2009, is a full-time research institution of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE). Institute for Jiangxi Economic Development Research’s predecessor was Institute for Fiscal Science of Jiangxi College of Finance and Economics which was approved by the Ministry of Finance on September 12, 1980, and then renamed Institute of Economics. In November 1998, JUFE integrated the scientific research institutions of whole school to establish Economic and Social Development Research Center. In April 2004, Economic and Social Development Research Center officially changed its name to Economic and Social Development Research Institute in order to meet the needs of the development of school and society. In July 2013, JUFE and Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission co-founded Institute for Jiangxi Economic Development & Reform Research (IJEDRR) which was renamed from Institute for Jiangxi Economic Development Research.

   Due to significant research advantages, IJEDRR vigorously carries out consultant service activities in order to serve the local economic construction by formulating economic development planning for more than dozens of relevant provinces, cities and towns. Analysis of Jiangxi Economic and Research on Development and Reform compiled and printed by IJEDRR has become an important channel for experts and scholars in and out of school to provide decision-making services for provincial Party committee, provincial government and the city party and government leaders.

Under the correct guidance of school leaders, all scientific research personnels of IJEDRR set up their mind to struggle, keeping pace with the times, to further expand of the space for research and development. IJEDRR carries out scientific researches on major theoretical and practical issues of economic construction of the China and Jiangxi in order to serve for economic construction, Party and government decision-making and discipline construction.

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